Allison Everett

Allison Everett was the first to attend college in her family. According to Everett, it was never a pressure her parents placed upon her, but something she had always wanted to do.

"I wanted to be involved and I really valued learning. I really loved school," said Everett. "It was never really a question whether or not I would go to college.”

Born and raised in Burnet, Texas, Allison became the Valedictorian of the Burnet High School class of 2009, and received the Katharine Greathouse Memorial scholarship through the Hill Country Community Foundation. 

"My scholarship from the HCCF was integral in that first year as far as paying for my education," said Everett.

Allison went on to attend Southwestern University in Georgetown to receive her undergraduate, and is currently in her second year working towards her Master's of Science in Education at Baylor.

"Eventually I would like to be a Dean of Students or a VP of Student Life, but you don't just walk into one of those jobs,” said Everett. "Right now I'm wanting to be there with students as they transition in to college life.”

Allison graduates in May, and is currently preparing for the next big step in her life.

"I want to be that teacher or that counselor that was there to help students transition and make the most out of their college experience," said Allison. "A lot of that comes from having a lot of great mentors in my life who were there for me. I want to pay it forward and do the same thing."