We at Hill Country Community Foundation (HCCF) are excited about the activities occurring in 2016.  A new foundation Logo has been be announced. Our website has a new look with the ability to accept donations.  These changes and others will help us attain our goal of increasing the size and number of endowments which support the youth of Burnet County.

At the Annual Scholarship Presentation, the foundation will be awarding in excess of $310,000 in scholarships to the graduates from Burnet High School.  Every senior who applies will receive a scholarship. The scholarships are calculated using a fixed base amount, plus incentive amounts based on the student's class rank and SAT scores. Some students will earn in excess of $4,000.  The scholarship presentation in 2017 is on May 25 at 7pm in the Burnet High School Auditorium.  Please join us.  Let’s support the young men and women who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Youth education, healthcare, safety remain the pillars for our effort.  We support Seton’s Kids Care-A-Van and the Boys & Girls Club of the Highland Lakes.  We want the youth to be healthy, active and trouble free.  We believe our charge is to help children be responsible citizens as adults.

The founders of HCCF were very forward thinking by supporting students and awarding 4 scholarships to high school graduates in 1984.   These awards have grown to the significant numbers of today.  It is the intent of the current board to expand in the future to include scholarship awards to students in their 2nd year of advanced education.  We are currently working the details to make this happen.

Remember our motto; “Your Generosity / Our Community / Their Future”.

Ken Graham


Hill Country Community Foundation